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True Patriot Love Awareness and Fundraising Campaign 2019
TPL Helmet, Dazzle Pattern, Olympic Variation, (Design for CG634 Canadian Combat Helmet)

I am honoured to be invited to contribute to the upcoming True Patriot Love awareness and fundraising campaign of 2019. Since 2009, they have provided $25 million to fund innovative research and support 750 community-based programs across the country. By addressing the unique challenges resulting from military service including mental health, physical rehabilitation, transitioning to civilian life, and the special needs of children, TPL has helped change the lives of more than 25,000 military families.

For the helmet I have designed a “dazzle” camouflage pattern based on the sister ship of the Titanic, named The Olympic. Each ship’s dazzle pattern was unique to avoid making classes of ships instantly recognisable to the enemy.

Canada’s most famous image of the return of its citizens from war is perhaps Lismer’s uplifting and innovative maritime painting on which the helmet dazzle pattern is based. It shows the SS Olympic, sister ship of the Titanic, in Halifax, bringing Canadian military personnel back from the First World War. The ship, camouflaged for war, discharges its human cargo into a scarred country eager for peace. The city, though devastated by an explosion in 1917, has now partly recovered. Its docks are back in operation, its battered streets crowded with uniformed personnel, the reality of peace just starting to take hold.