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Michael Adamson
Wolf Pavilion (2012)
Oil on Canvas,  78" x 88"
Wolf Pavilion
May 4 – 25
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 4, 2 – 4 PM
Moore Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Moore Gallery is pleased to announce "Wolf Pavilion" a solo exhibition of paintings by Michael Adamson. This is the 11th solo show of Michael's work at the gallery. Featuring over a dozen vivid, colorful abstractions Adamson surrounds the viewer in layered disparate streaks, swaths and impasto atop fields of luminous color. The visionary complexity of these paintings pushes the limits of abstraction and kindles the artists continued exploration of order, exaggeration and chaos. In Adamson's work color is structure, form and content and eggs the viewer to examine the nature of space and atmosphere in wildly disorienting fashion. Pushing our vision to new limits, Adamson often bisects the canvas using a dominant color, creates formal voids and fills the center with impasto that tapers at the peripheries.

Two highlights include Wolf Pavilion (2012) and Devil's Night (2013). Both are raucous, orange romps that delight in their abundance of hot color and frenzied mark making. The landmark work in the show is Into Laos (2013), featuring a thickly painted vivid, lime green that traverses the perimeter. This overall treatment of color creates a vacuous center where the artist introduces hot pinks, black, candy yellows and baby blues that add near 3-d effects. Two smaller works in the show give the viewer pause For O.K (2013) and Forum Painting (2013). These two works are sophisticated, provisional pieces with minimal color and singular vision.

Other works in the exhibit excite in association to travel. His work Island School (2013), explores the use of heavy overlapping, horizontal and vertical marks of paint in a spectrum of colors overlaid on a field of deep blue. Seen from an aerial perspective the blue underpainting encircles the heavily populated center. "School" here has a double meaning – a clever nod to painting schools and a school of fishes.

Collectively "Wolf Pavilion" is punchy, ecstatic, yet refined. The works reference the atmospheres of personal experience and resonate with active states of mind resulting in an elegantly, organized chaos. With these new abstractions Adamson has posited himself as a new voice in the Canadian art scene.


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